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TAHP Membership

TAHP Membership

$58.00 per month

The Arc House Prescription is a weight loss treatment for women suffering from Body Misorientation Syndrome (BMS). This is your one stop shop for weight loss. Our membership fee is $58 per month. Membership renews each month until cancelled.

The Arc House Prescription Membership includes the following:

  • Intensive Remedy Pre-Weight Loss Treatment
  • Weight Loss Plan and Tracking System
  • Online Coaching Sessions
  • Weight Calibration Recipes
  • Weight Maintenance Plan
  • Workout Videos

The Arc House Prescription Membership Explained

Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, planning a family meal or a menu for one, eating out or staying in, TAHP adapts to your circumstances. You will not be bogged down with counting calories or having to swear off fat and carbs for life. TAHP is designed to auto-correct your eating pattern and produce visible results.