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The Arc House Prescription (TAHP) is a comprehensive weight loss system inspired and developed by an experienced women’s health specialist Dietitian.


TAHP is aimed at you if you consider yourself to be a yo-yo dieter, meaning that you are able to lose weight but unable to maintain your new weight for long.

The Arc House Story

Since 2004, we have offered women a comprehensive weight loss program, initially from our retreat in southern France. We now offer the same service online.

The Arc House was founded by its Program Director, Uzoma Fenner, a former Head of Dietetics and Nutrition at a London hospital. Uzoma has over thirty years of experience in the field of obesity and eating disorders. The whole essence of The Arc House Prescription is to put you back in control of your body so you can end overeating and learn how to maintain your optimum weight permanently.

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"I look forward to sharing my techniques for successful weight loss with you. I was inspired to develop this treatment course because there's a lot of conflicting dietary advice out there. I realise that while most people know something about nutrition and weight loss, only a few have acquired the necessary skills to avoid regaining the weight that they work so hard to lose."

Uzoma Fenner

An Inspired Approach to Weight Loss

TAHP will also be helpful to you if you have a long standing overweight problem and wish to shift that stubborn fat, once and for all.

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