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If you’ve been avoiding the scales and side-stepping your reflection because you just don’t seem to know when to put down the knife and fork, like many women, you could be suffering from BMS (Body Misorientation Syndrome). BMS is a disorder that causes you to overeat, making weight loss difficult.

A New Beginning

The Arc House Prescription (TAHP) involves following a set of simple Prescriptions that will control your BMS. TAHP is designed to break the dependency you have on certain types of foods and produce visible weight loss.

‘Change happens when your usual occurs less often’
- Uzoma Fenner

How The Arc House Prescription Works

TAHP is a treatment for Body Misorientation Syndrome

The Arc House Prescription is a whole-body philosophy that pinpoints the source of your over-eating directly and tailors your diet accordingly. The Arc House Prescription will help you to identify your body’s natural weight loss rhythm so that you can achieve a healthier weight. We administer this treatment in two phases; the Intensive Remedy phase and the Weight Calibration phase.

Intensive Remedy Phase

The Intensive Remedy Phase is a required pre-weight loss treatment consisting of 15 interactive therapeutic sessions. During this time, you’ll gain more clarity on how to successfully manage your triggers for overeating and develop the skills for weight maintenance.

Weight Calibration Phase

After completing the Intensive Remedy course of treatment, you will be ready to start losing weight. The daily protocol of Eating and Activity Prescriptions will move you towards your optimal size.

Is TAHP for you?

Why not start by checking to see if you have BMS or if you really need to lose weight. You also have access to our free Discovery Session which highlights why you may have developed BMS in the first place.

Do You Have BMS?